Work Areas


Areas of law

General Civil Litigation:

Claims alleging damages due to a breach of contract or agreement are handled in County or Circuit Court. County Court claims with a value less than $5,000 are handled in Small Claims Court. Those between $5,000.01 and $15,000 and landlord tenant matters are handled by the County Court. Claims which are in excess of $15,000 or involve claims for equitable issues are handled by the Circuit Court.


Workers Compensation:

Workers compensation is a statutorily created right where employers provide coverage for employees injured in the course and scope of employment. The coverage provides medical expenses for the work related injuries, and lost wages if those are due to the work related injury. There are no other types of damages which may be obtained, except for death, in which case a death benefit can be paid to surviving dependents.


Professional Negligence:

Individuals who are professional are held to a higher standard than the public at large. They are held to a community standard imposed on similar professionals. If a professional fails to act in accordance with the appropriate community standard, they may be guilty of negligence. If that negligence causes injury, they may be responsible for damages. The damages can be to a person and to property. Professionals include medical doctors and other health care providers, including chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists, nurses, etc; attorneys; accountants; agents, such as real estate or insurance; or anyone else who holds themselves out as a professional in a field based on licensure.


Personal Injury & Wrongful Death:

Personal injury law is rooted in the law of negligence. Negligence is the failure of a person or entity to use that degree of care as the community would otherwise expect. If the negligence or failure to use due care causes injury, then claims may be made for those damages or injuries.